Group Weight Loss

One program I offer with a high success rate is group weight loss. I have had very positive results facilitating weight loss groups who meet with me on a weekly basis. There is great synergy when like-minded people come together and share their stories. Meeting each week, weighing in (yes you have to, but only I will see your number), setting goals and sharing successes and struggles, give everyone a renewed sense of purpose along with some great ideas to add to their weight loss arsenal. As your group leader I will come to your preferred meeting place (home, workplace, meeting space) and focus on a key weight loss topic for the week, as well as provide informational handouts to take with you. One week we may focus on how to fight sugar cravings while in another we may look into mindful eating principles or breaking plateaus. I offer classes that are either six or twelve weeks long and group size can range anywhere from three to ten participants.

Wouldn’t it be fun to put together a group of your friends, co-workers or neighbors? Instead of Bunko or book club, form a Skinny Girls group! Yes, that is an actual name of one of my groups.


“My expectations of the weight loss class Ingrid Hill conducted surpassed my expectations.  I was a bit nervous to participate as I don’t do well in class structured weight loss situations.  I am very self-conscious about my appearance and I was embarrassed.  But Ingrid made me feel at ease, she IS very supportive and continues to be and this class helped me get over that.  In the 12 weeks, I surpassed my goal of 24lbs with a total of 35lbs.”

Jenny H.

50 Years Old


“The weight loss class offered by Ingrid was exceptional and exceeded my expectations from the beginning.  In my opinion, the two biggest assets were education and accountability.  Ingrid covered a variety of topics which were having negative impacts on my diet.  Not only did she educate me on how bad some of my choices were, but she also provided me with healthy alternatives to bridge the gap.  Having a weekly class really held me accountable.  I found myself not wanting to let the “team” down by not losing weight.”

Kevin K.

29 Years Old